Direct Customs Representation Form

To be able to represent your company with the Dutch Customs office, we must have your consent. Please fill out this form.

Power of Attorney (Indirect Customs Representation)

Should your company not have a registered office in Europe, please fill out this form so that we may represent you to the customs office .


Here you can find the information on the various internationally accepted trade terms as approved by the international Chamber of Commerce. It also shows you who is liable and responsible for the transport. Should you have additional queries on how to perform your international trade we are here to advise and consult.

Dangerous Goods

In case Top Cargo or its agents suspect cargo to be considered as dangerous goods for air transportation we will inspect the cargo and we may ask you for an SDS. Alternatively we may ask you to sign one of these statements. For shipments containing Lithium batteries, we require an additional form which you can find here.


Should you wish to insure your goods all-risk during transport, please find our insurer’s rates here Our agent will be happy to assist you too.


In the unfortunate case your cargo damages during the transport, please fill out this form so that we may notify our insurance company to assist you further. We will do everything within our power to resolve the matter for you.